SixtyWest is in a completely unique position because we’re actually a company within a company. We operate within one of Melbourne’s biggest coffee factories and wholesalers, but we’re a completely a separate business.


This means we can give you the best of both worlds - all the certification, guaranteed quality assurance and consistency that you can only get with a large wholesale operation. With prices only a large wholesale operation can offer.


But, because we’re actually a small business, you also get the ability to talk to us directly, customise your coffee, and design your own packaging, even at very low volumes. You get a completely personalised service from people who really care about your success.

Our blends

We’re not fans of fuss. So we focus on great, reliable blends that get great feedback from the vast majority of people.


For questions about any of our products and services, or help with placing your order, don't hesitate to contact us.